Cold smoked salmon, trout, halibut.

Use only fresh fish


for 1 liter of water use 200g coarse salt and 40g brown farin sugar. You can add fresh or dried dill, black pepper or lemon pepper, chopped onion, crushed garlic and Lorber leaves. Mix it until the salt and sugar are completely dissolved. If you use warm water, let the marinade cool down, fillet the fishes so you leave the skin attached.

Lay the fillets into the marinade for approximately 24 hours, keep the marinade container in cool environment or in the fridge. After that, take the fillets out of the marinade, rinse with cold clean water, dry with paper and put them into the fridge for 12 hours, laying on the side with skin attached. This helps to improve the taste and lets marinade to be absorbed into the meat.

Take the fillets out of the fridge, put into the smoking chamber and let them dry there for 1-2 hours, without letting any smoke on. It makes the temperature of fillets equal to the temperature of the smoking chamber and avoids to emerge the moisture which may influence the taste of the fish. Now turn the smoke generator on and cold smoke the fillets for 8-24 hours.

Temperature in the smoking chamber should be lower than 30 °C. You can eat the fish right away after taking the fillets out of the smoking chamber. But for the best taste experience, you should keep the smoked fillets in the fridge for another 12-24 hours, covered with food film.

You can vacuum pack the fillets, it helps to store the fillets in the fridge for few months. You can also use the same recipe for cold smoking other fish, like walleye, pike, cod etc. The result will be super tasty!


Beef jerky

In many countries the beef jerky is very popular. To make the jerky, the best are the parts of the beef which are the less greasy (inside- and outside tenderloin). We have used moose tenderloin, but you can try it out with any meat you desire. For the jerky, you need: 1 kg of fillet, 200 ml of soy sauce, 100g farin sugar, 125ml Worcestershire sauce, 60 ml sweet chilli sauce, 3-4 crushed garlic clove, 1 spoon of fresh ground ingver, 1 spoon of ground black pepper. For making larger quantity, just multiply the amount of components to match your need. Cut the fillets crosswise into 0,5 cm thick strips.

Mix all the components of the marinade together, lay the meat strips carefully into the marinade and let them stay in the marinade for 24-48 hours. From time to time stir the marinade, so the meat strips are flavored equally. Now dry the meat strips with paper and attach them to wooden spits or picks, leaving enough space between, so they can dry.

Now cold smoke them for 4-6 hours, keeping the temperature lower than 30 °C. After that, put the strips into the dehydrator and let them dry in the temperature of 65-70°C until the meat is dry but still flexible. If you do not have the dehydrator, you can dry the fillet strips in oven (keep the door of the oven open) or in the sauna. For making beef jerky, you can easily use the Mustang oven from our website. Keep in mind, that the drying process shrinks the weight of the meat ~ 4-5 times.