Smoke generator for cooking cold and hot smoked foods

The SmokeKing kit includes

1x SmokeKing smoke generator, air compressor 110-220V, 3L smoking chips, air hose kit and user manual.

Fields of usage

Cold and hot smoking

1_IGP8604It is possible to place the smoke generator in various barbecues and containers , such as regular grill, wine barrel, wooden box , existing hot smoker, an old refrigerator, wooden case , etc. It is important that the smoke chamber has adjustable outlet for smoke at the top of the chamber. The adjustable outlet flap also helps to control the temperature in the box. Cold smoking temperature should not exceed 30 °C.

The smoke generator is assembled and ready to use out of the box. For cooking hot smoked foods, the smoke generator must be connected to heated grill or some other heated container. For cold smoking, the generator has to be connected to unheated oven (barrel , wood box, plastic box or cardboard box etc.), so the smaller outlet tube inserts from the side of the container (as shown in the picture). After starting the generator, smoke starts to come out from the small outlet tube. To start smoking process, the smoke generator must be filled with dry wood chip, lit up from the flame holes and the air compressor has to be turned on.

Air compressor ensures constant air flow to the generator and helps to maintain the heat for burning the wood chips. The air compressor has two speeds.

Starting the smoke generator


To start the smoke generator, you must lit up the wood chips through the holes on the sides of the generator. Windproof lighter, gas powered lighter or matches are needed to ignite the smoke generator. Beware – the generator surface becomes very hot during the smoking process and it should not be touched with bare hands. It is not recommended to leave the smoke generator unattended for a longer period or use the generator near inflammable objects and materials . During the smoking process, the amount of chips left in the generator should be checked after some time. After burning some time, the generator may need a litte help by shaking the tube, so the chips sink down to the bottom and all chip particles can burn out. To stop the smoke generator, you only need to turn off the air compressor. After turning off the air compressor, chips will stop burning and go out after a while . Generator surface stays warm for a longer period, so please be sure that you will not touch it for a while to avoid burning yourself. Assembly and disassembly of the SmokeKing generator is easy and logical. Material used for making the generator is high quality and laser cut stainless steel. It is recommended to dismantle and clean the generator pipes after each use, otherwise the generator may jam and stop working. For 3-5 hours of smoking process, about 1 litre of wood chip is needed, depending on the configuration of the air compressor and fraction of the chip.
Generator capacity: 1.5 l
Weight : 1.3 kg

Enjoy the smoking with SmokeKing!