Terms and conditions

Mellifera OÜ, registry code 10881378 , address: Säde 1a, 50406 Tartu (Seller) and the clients, who confirm order in Mellifera OÜ managed e-shop and identify themselves by entering the order including their personal information (Customers) , have agreed to the following terms and conditions :

1. General provisions:

1.1. The agreement parties shall be guided by the regulation of relations between the Republic of Estonia and the laws and other legal acts marked in this user agreement.
1.2. The Seller has the right to make changes to the service offered by the online store any time.
1.3. The Seller has the right to unilaterally change the terms of a user agreement that he would be obliged to inform the Customer.

2. Products and making a purchase

2.1. All products displayed on the website may not always be in stock.
2.2. If the Customer has selected and ordered desired product (s) from E-shop , Seller shall, not later than in two working days, specify the ordered product (s) details and the possible delivery methods . After that, seller sends the sales invoice of ordered product (s) to the customer. The Customer undertakes to pay the bill according to the terms.
2.3. All displayed photographs of the products are for illustrative purposes and may differ slightly from the actual product.
2.4. Product descriptions in E-shop may not be finite.
2.5. The Customer, who selects the desired products, undertakes to enter correct personal information (surname, first name, phone number, e-mail address, delivery address, postal code) required in the ordering form.
2.6. The Customer undertakes to provide true information, which is necessary to fill the order. Seller is not liable for non-compliance of order or for any resulting consequences if incorrect data is given by the Customer.

3. Prices

3.1. Prices of all products in this E-shop are in euros.
3.2. Prices include 20% VAT.
3.3. Seller has the right to change the prices displayed on the website any time.
3.4. If the Seller has changed the price of products in E-shop after the customer has placed the order, the shipped products maintain the prices that comply with the time of the order.

4. Delivery , payment and delivery terms

4.1. After the order is made by the Customer, the seller will Contact the Customer within 2 working days and specify the possible product delivery time and method. Generally, delivery time is less than 7 working days, hand made products (for example SmokeKing smoking box) delivery time might be longer (arranged by agreement).
4.2. Sending out the goods is based on the terms of the agreement, after reciving cleared payment. If it is not possible for the Seller to arrange the deliverey within agreed period, the Seller will inform the Customer immediately. In this case, the customer retains the option to cancel the order which he have already paid for and the price Customer paid will be refunded.
4.3. The Customer can choose between the following delivery methods, paid by the Customer:

SmartPost or Estonian Post service
Personal Pick-Up (free)
Cargo Bus service
DHL, DPD, UPS courier service

5. Withdrawal from the contract by the Customer prior to the contract completion by the Seller

5.1. If a Customer wishes to withdraw from the contract prior to the contract completion by the Seller, Customer undertakes to notify the Seller by e-mail as soon as possible about the withdrawal. E-mail must include the number of order from which the Customer wishes to withdraw and contact information (first name, last name, order date , phone number).
5.2. If the withdrawal reaches the Supplier after execution of the contract by the seller, the withdrawal will take place in accordance with the Operating Agreement , Chapter “Rights of Return” 5.3. The money will be transferred into the same account from which the payment was received.

6. Returns

6.1 . 14-day returning-time applies to the goods purchased online.
6.2 . Returning time does not apply to goods which are modified according to the client ‘s wishes (hand made and special orders).
6.3. The returned product must be clean, complete, in original packaging and unused.
6.4. To return an item, application must be submitted through the store interface.
6.5. Upon returning, the money is refunded within 30 days after returning the product
6.6. The money will be transferred into the same account, from which the payment was received.
6.7. Returning transport costs are paid by the Customer.
6.8. If it appears, after the returning, that the return does not comply with conditions given by 6.2
or 6.3., the money will not be refunded.

7. Personal information

7.1. By handling and forwarding the order, Customer agrees to the usage of data transmitted during the ordering process.

8. Terms of Use

8.1. Inspection of the User Agreement terms and conditions is mandatory for the Customer.

8.2. By Clicking “ Send Order “ Customer agrees to the terms of the User Agreement.

9. Complaint handling process

9.1. Complaint filing period starts from the date of purchase.
9.2. Submission of the claim is based on the invoice.
9.3. Emergence of a defect in the product is described as accurately as possible (if possible, detailed photos attached).
9.4. Both parties are included in clarifying the defect of the product.
9.5. The complaint is not satisfied by the Seller, if the Seller proves that the product faults are caused by the Customer or by misunderstanding of Terms and Conditions.